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The Best Solution For Your Delivery needs.

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An Innovative P2P delivery model

ANYWAY allows others to share its journey to help you in delivery. They are everywhere, super fast and always standing by for you. You no longer need to wait a delivery until next day.


Online store

Still need your customers to wait a shipment for 2 days? Anyway allows you to deliver ur goods in 2 hours. Absolutely it is value-added for your stores.


No matter you are too busy or just too lazy. There are so many reasons that you may wish to skip a trip. Anyway can help you to deliver something to your friend or family instead of bringing it by yourself.


Feeling difficult in finding a courier to solve your urgent delivery need? Thousands of Anyway courier are standing by for you.


The Best Solution For Your Delivery needs

ANYWAY Offers A Wide Range Of Features

Super fast

Anyway couriers can complete deliveries in 2 hours at their fastest

24 hours and 7 days available

No limitation of business hour. You may make your sending order anytime.



No limitation of service area. Our couriers can reach everywhere in the city.

Real-time Tracking

Track the exact location of your items with GPS. Nothing you have to be worried about.

Share ANYWAY With
Your Friends

Your Journey! Join Us!

Anyone can be a courier as long as you are Hong Kong resident and over 18 years old. Anyway offers you a freelance part-time job that allows you to work anytime at anywhere. Simply deliver something while you are travelling to school, work or home.
Let’s earn some money by sharing your journey! Join Us!

How to make a delivery




No specific requirement on how to make a delivery. You may deliver things
by taking public transport, motorbikes or driving your own car.

Choose you delivery channel that best fit you

(Economic choice)

MTR – Building
(Advanced choice)

Building – Building
(Premium choice)

Anyway offers 3 options that let you choose where the pick up location and destination as you wish.
Tips: Making the pick up location or destination at MTR Station will lower your fare.

How to create an order

  • Step 1

    Enter your item details

  • Step 2

    Choose the delivery channel

  • Step 3

    Enter the pick up locations and destination

  • Step 4

    Confirm details, your courier will come to you shortly


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